About Us

Is your bath chipped, damaged, scratched, worn out, wrong colour or too slippery?

Mend-a-Bath International has a whole range of bathroom solutions that may be of help…

World’s No 1 Bathroom Resurfacer

Mend-a-Bath International is by far the world’s largest bathroom resurfacing organisation of its kind covering more than 50 countries around the world.  Its huge success is based on a superb product, quality of workmanship, customer service and satisfaction.  This is backed by ongoing research and development of our products, processes and equipment.

Mend-a-Bath works closely with related major international research development organisations and every noteworthy development in the industry is tested by Mend-a-Bath chemists and incorporated into our products and processes.  This has seen major advances in our products which assures our customers of the best quality product and surface that equates with new bathroom fixtures.

No Mess – No Fuss – New Bath

Mend-a-Bath International’s resurfacing process can result in savings of more than 70% of the cost of replacing, which involves breaking out of the old bath, cost of a new bath, re-tiling, re-painting and re-plumbing.

Specially formulated products and process

Our products are absolutely unique, being the only product in the world known to us to be specifically formulated for bathroom conditions.

Keep baths looking great all the time

Aside from resurfacing worn-out baths, Mend-a-Bath has a whole range of products and services designed to solve problems with bathroom fixtures to keep them looking great at all times.  Mend-a-Bath’s clients include most large worldwide hotel groups, government housing schemes, institutions, apartment buildings, private homes, insurance companies, and builders.  Mend-a-Bath International has been operating in Kenya for many years and has grown to a place of market dominance because of the products and services it is able to provide.  It has numerous Franchisees in operation covering most of Africa and reconditions hundreds of baths every month.